We produce original videos for your business.



You need attractive video content for your next marketing campaign? A web series that engage your audience? A how-to animation? A corporate film that takes the viewers to a trip inside your company?

Producing your next video can be an exciting adventure. Let us take care of it and help you all the way during the development of your inspiring story.



TV Commercials.


You need to engage and entertain a larger audience? You want your story to go viral and be shared? Consider a TV or web commercial. 


Corporate Films.


Bring your audience closer for an inside look of your company where your awesome products are conceived and born. 


2D & 3D Animations.


From white boards and motion graphics to animated characters, 2D and 3D, we make sure your animation looks great. 









We take care of everything during your video production.


Adventure is a full service studio producing videos in Belgium and Luxembourg.

We bring together, organize and supervise the work of all players contributing to the making of your film. 

Our creative team is here to help you develop and produce original media. We make you feel relaxed and confident all the way during the production of your inspiring story.

We love that.



 script / scénario



Everything starts with an idea. And the idea has to be turned into a script. We come on board, discuss in detail your goals and advise you on how your ideas can be brought to life. We conceive and develop your script in case you don’t have one yet.

 budget / devis



The next step is to estimate your video production costs and deliver a detailed price quote. Don’t worry if your funds are limited. We are flexible and can rework our quote until it fits into your budget.  

 schedule / planning



Once the script and budget are approved, we prepare the project’s schedule. This is the timetable of all steps we will take from day one up to the delivery of your video.




We provide storyboards when working on TV commercials. Drawings of the key scenes give you a better idea of the camera movements, actors’ positions and final edit.  




We make a casting and meet selected actors, then help you choose the most talented ones for your video. 

 location scouting / repérages

Location scouting.


If your video needs a real life location, we contact property owners and visit different indoor and outdoor sites until we find the most appropriate place for your story. 

 production design / direction artistique

Production design.


Our production designer works in collaboration with your creative team to make decisions on the costumes and the overall look of the shooting location. He is also in charge of buying or renting the wardrobe and all props necessary for the shoot. 

 shooting / tournage



Welcome on the set, the most intense and exciting part of your video production. Creativity, performance and technical execution meet here. We organize the crew and the actors, rent camera, grip and lighting equipment, take in charge the transportation, catering and insurances.  




We start post-production as soon as possible after filming is done. This is where the magic happens.

We deliver the rough edit, record voice overs and buy music scores. After your feedback we proceed to the color grading and the sound design.

We deliver your video in the right formats and screen resolutions for Internet, TV broadcast or cinema projection.









Whether we work on a video or animation, we believe it should be original and inspiring. Exciting ideas are all around us, floating in the air. All we have to do is to transform them into a compelling story. 



We are a small team. That makes us flexible in terms of pricing and scheduling. Our compact size allows us to take quick decisions and adapt ourselves to the unique requirements of each client.



We are a team of idea generators and problem solvers with years of experience in advertising, animation and video. We are passionate about our job and invest all our creative energy, talent and skills in every single project we produce.





We have specialized in crafting valuable and cost effective video content.





Our clients inspire us.





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