9 Weird Things Creative People Do

If you are a creative person, you already know you’re on the weird side of things.



Creative people tend to be more “eccentric” because of the brain’s "cognitive disinhibition." It simply means that creative people tend to have fewer filters on their thoughts and actions and that they are most likely to break away from the normal behavior.

Let’s take a look if you have one or all of these 10 creative quirks.  


1. Spend time alone

This is one of the things that most creatives can agree on. Having the time alone, in a quiet place or somewhere far from everyone else is crucial to get one’s creative juices pouring. Being around people is also important but that time alone triggers the best ideas to come about. Finding that balance between solitude and socialization is a challenge for some but is needed.




2. Daydream

The ability to be distracted at certain moments involves a highly engaged state of the brain. This prompts the part of the brain responsible for imagination and creativity. So, do you often find yourself stepping out of a current situation and thinking of some other things?


3. Simply. Observe. Everything.

The world is a creative person’s playground. Everything in it is a source of inspiration he can draw from. The ability to observe everyone and everything around them while taking notes of these little things sparks his interest. Creative people are curious by nature hence observing people or things tend to be a natural habit.


4. Risk it or forget it

Creative people are known to be risk takers. They might have an idea that may seem silly in the beginning to most people but they push forward with it. Being a creative is no job for the shy as getting your work out there to the world no easy thing. But must be done in order to express, explain, reach out or make a change.



5. Have an eccentric day schedule

Because they know how their brains work, they tend to have a weird sleeping and lifestyle pattern. Some may sleep for a maximum of three hours a day. Others need a minimum of eight hours of slee[. Others require a physical activity like running or some cardio exercises to fire up their creative juices in the middle of the day. It’s different for everyone, which makes it unique.


6. Inclination to the aesthetics

Creative people tend to be attracted to everything beautiful; hence they need to be surrounded by things that matched their aesthetics. Musicians, for instance, are prone to show high sensitivity to artistic beauty.


7. Connect the dots

The ability to connect dots is what mostly separates creative people from others. They see possibilities everywhere – they have a vision of things to come. They tend to connect dots others cannot see.


8. Practice mindfulness

Many artists, creative workers and writers practice mindfulness as they know that the brain’s most creative area can be tapped by practice. Mindfulness boosts brain power. It improves memory, focus and the overall mental wellbeing of someone. Creative people know the power they can cultivate in their brain hence they put effort in practicing and resting it to its full potential.


Creativity works in mysterious ways. While we can pin down a few habits, creative people are complex in nature making it hard to really define the creative type. Imaginative people tend to have more inside their brains than they care to share and explain.